Absurdity in the checkout lane.

create absurdity.

You can liven up a trip to the store considerably – and create some mental images you may never be able to get out of your brain – if, as you walk through the store, you ask yourself:

What three things should never be on the checkout lane at the same time? 

plunger, bowling ball, vaseline
A bowling ball, a plunger, and Vaseline.
Wine, shotgun shells, and tampons
Wine, shotgun shells, and tampons.
Cornflakes, underwear, and mazola oil.
Cornflakes, underwear, and Mazola oil.
Peanut butter, cotton balls, and rubber gloves
Peanut butter, cotton balls, and rubber gloves.

Let your creativity flow! Bonus points if you check out with #threethings and the clerk gives you a funny look.

Note: Rubber gloves are always funny.

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