No trifling with trifle.

say what?
English trifle dessert
English trifle.

Let’s consider the word trifle.

As a noun it can be either “an English dessert made of layers of custard, fruit, and sponge cake” [1] or “a thing of little value or importance.” [2]

As a verb, trifle means, “treat (someone or something) without seriousness or respect.” [2]

Now I don’t know about you, but dessert is pretty darn important to me, so I will leave you with this admonishment:

Trifle is not to be trifled with.

Green olives may be trifled with.
You may, however, feel free to trifle with cream cheese and green olive sandwiches. But maybe that’s just me. [3]

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[3] I really hate green olives.

One thought on “No trifling with trifle.”

  1. I won’t trifle with your trifle!

    But if you wanted to find something hidden in a shoulder gun would you rifle a rifle?

    And shouldn’t a trifle be three rifles?

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